At Seabright Cottage Rentals, it is our mission to provide our clients with the best possible vacation rental experience. Whether you are a property owner wanting to rent your vacation home, or a visitor planning an upcoming trip to Nova Scotia, we can help.

Tim and Jeanne Hoare - Owners and Operators of Seabright Cottage Rentals

Tim and Jeanne met at Dalhousie University in 1996. Jeanne graduated with a Bachelor's degree in International Development, while Tim finished with an Honours Degree in International Development and Political Science. Since then both have traveled and worked extensively overseas. Jeanne's resume includes positions in corporate banking and investment, and more recently as a kitchen designer in England and later Nova Scotia. Tim has held executive positions in international FMCG marketing and sales, and gave up that career to move back to Nova Scotia and start a real estate practice, a sprayfoam insulation business, and a rental management company.

It was the purchase of an oceanfront property in St. Margaret's Bay that ultimately drew them back to Canada, and they haven't looked back!