Home Watching and Maintence

Seabright Cottage Rentals can keep an eye on your property when you cannot.

Here in Nova Scotia, extreme weather conditions can occasionally demand extra attention from homeowners. In the late summer or autumn it's not uncommon for us to have at least one post-tropical storm, or even hurricane. And in the winter, heavy snowfall, freezing rain and ice can make for sleepless nights if you're out of town and worried about the state of your property. If you sign up for our home watching program, we can make it a priority to get to your property in the immediate aftermath of a storm, to ensure that the home and grounds remain damage-free.

Each of our customers has different needs, and we can make a visitation plan that best suits you. We generally work on a once a week visitation schedule, where we inspect the exterior and interior of the property and report back to you, the homeowner.

Should we find something that needs to be repaired, we have a long list of contacts if you want us to find someone to fix the problem quickly. We work only with reputable, skilled and honest trades people. We will oversee any work being done and report back to you with digital photographs. And no work will be done until a repair quote has been approved by you.